Notes: Improving Reality – Sept 4th Brighton Dome

Nadia El Imam is CEO of Edge Ryders
A community of over 2000 people around the world organised online using open source technologies looking at systemic crisis.


Monastery life was a decentralised
Unmonastery is a residency for new ways of thinking
At the service if the local community
Matera in southern Italy
Not modelled on business but draws sustainability
It receives donations from local community
Tech monk community
Social diffusion of ideas and behaviour

Change happens at the edge

Evaluators are accountable to the reality they are living in. Innovators are accountable to the future


Complexity and emergence
Outcomes of decisions are unpredictable
The patterns are the outcomes of the lumibot’s a work

Edge riders look in nothing but new directions

Egypt hacking ring road building community led illegal access ramp
Costing a million Egyptian pounds and lives up to all specification – wiki city
Elf pavlik – lives without money in a shared economy solving problem and working with people where headed
Addiopizzio anti corruption project in southern Italy
Social practitioners need to live in the gap between the need to make a living and the need to make sense and have meaning in their lives. What does this mean in a post industrialist landscape affected by social forces way beyond the forces if state
Need to challenge a system that controls us. Need to create cultural containers to explore this hence the Unmonastery
The places that host the containers don’t really need to know what ‘exactly! We are doing
The town in southern Italy don’t know quite what we do and we want to keep it that way

Reclaim tech for good

Artists are not present at hacks thins or crypto parties or bar camps
Artists funding train does not allow time for this
Encourage artists with fundring and redefine who is an artist
Have created Unmonastery in a box to allow people to create their own


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Unmonastery – Nadia El Imam and Edge Ryders

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