a25add5e-0d9e-4205-9992-6478f68b36b2I’ll be presenting Rootbeans ‘What’s important to you?’ at Now Play This games exhibition at Somerset House on Saturday 5th September from 10am – 2pm. Over the 4 hours, the audience will contribute lines to make up a large-scale game map. This will be a great chance to take Rootbeans ‘What’s important to you?’ sideways to a new audience of largely game enthusiasts and general London cultural public. I will be building on the Beanbank dataset as people can ‘score’ their beans before playing according to the current score on Beanbank. A random set will be added to the game map at the start and players will aim to collect the highest value ‘bag’ for themselves whilst ensuring that their decisions take into account future decisions. Players will have an amount of time in the game and players will rotate roles from scouting for new lines to ambassador for new up-coming players. Find out more about Now Play This

Introducing the Panopticon

On Friday 4th September I will be giving a talk at Now Play This about some of the ideas about Panopticon game which I’ve been developing with former Lighthouse Arts studio resident Chris Pinchen . I’ll talk about the game we’re developing, Jeremy Bentham’s panopticon prison design and how it relates to current issues around data privacy and young people.

Rootbeans at Somerset House – Now Play This 4-6 Sept 2015

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