July 4th – 12th – Three Sisters fibre optic installation exhibited for the first time as the culmination of the MA Digital Media Arts degree show at University of Brighton.

Three Sisters is an installation using fibre optics and plastic which looks towards pre-colonial native American traditions in planting to reveal stories about women and technology. Read more the piece.

Capturing the ephemeral

There is an ambivalence around technology in this piece. The large amounts of plastic emerging from the old cracked woven basket limit the audience to only guess what kind of technology makes the coloured lights change on the corn cob. Described by one visitor as ‘psychedelic corn on the cob’ the piece is really difficult to capture in any medium given the performative and ceremonial nature of the piece and lack of ambient light.

I have many posts and images to upload for the piece which will include stop motion animations of various stages of making the work. Before returning the rented camera to the photography department I took copious shots of all the prototypes which I will upload as a series of posts or galleries here soon.



Three Sisters

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