Rootbeans at Somerset House – Now Play This 4-6 Sept 2015


I’ll be presenting Rootbeans ‘What’s important to you?’ at Now Play This games exhibition at Somerset House on Saturday 5th September from 10am – 2pm. Over the 4 hours, the audience will contribute lines to make up a large-scale game map. This will be a great chance to take Rootbeans ‘What’s important to you?’ sideways to a new audience of largely Continue reading

Three Sisters


July 4th – 12th – Three Sisters fibre optic installation exhibited for the first time as the culmination of the MA Digital Media Arts degree show at University of Brighton. Three Sisters is an installation using fibre optics and plastic which looks towards pre-colonial native American traditions in planting to reveal stories about women and technology. Read more the piece. Continue reading

Glass half full – reflective statement


On Wednesday 4th Feb 2015 I set up the installation ‘Glass half full’ at Lighthouse. This was my end of module presentation. 5 ‘couples’ got to participate. Despite a temperamental leap motion sensor, I felt happy with the outcome. Every interaction was different but all interesting to observe. People said they enjoyed it despite experiencing some frustration. Here is the Continue reading

Cursory Glances – Beyond The Screen


cursory – hasty and without attention to detail; not thorough; “a casual (or cursory) inspection failed to reveal the house’s structural flaws”; “a passing glance”; “perfunctory courtesy” Ma Digital Media Arts | Beyond The Screen 2014 – Statement of Intent Passages from ‘The Edible Woman’ by Margaret Atwood ‘How do you think we’d get on as …. how do you Continue reading

Still Life with Emotional Contagion – Aaron Straup Cope


Notes from talk by Aaron Straup Cope – dConstruct 5th Sept 2014 Hero objects for WTF moments. Brick from Osama bin laden compound out into the museum in 911 tower basement – memorial What does an 8 year old take away from this? Maps are one if the oldest tools if power and influence we have Talking about open Continue reading

Playable city – memes for cities


Clare Reddington at dConstruct 2014 – Brighton Dome Listen back link: Patrick GeddesBristol Watershed Arts – Pervasive Media StudioGordon Cullen Play theory Miguel Sicart – Why We Play Physical play creates longer and stronger social bonds Utrecht travel accelerator – slide. No one used it because they didn’t want to get ‘fat like Americans’ said someone Bounce to work Continue reading

Unmonastery – Nadia El Imam and Edge Ryders


Notes: Improving Reality – Sept 4th Brighton Dome Nadia El Imam is CEO of Edge Ryders A community of over 2000 people around the world organised online using open source technologies looking at systemic crisis. Unmonastery Monastery life was a decentralised Unmonastery is a residency for new ways of thinking At the service if the local community Matera in southern Continue reading

Foucault Panopticon – Nathan Jurgensen


Notes: Improving Reality – Sept 4th Brighton Dome Foucault Panopticon chapter from book ‘Discipline and Punish‘ Visibility is a trap Prison not dungeon No hiding or invisibility in dark squalor Panopticon prisoners fully visible to guards The form of social control of visibility Architecture of power The gaze of the authority from the few to the many leads to self Continue reading

Conchita in the clouds


Unpacking the myths and memes of spring 2014 ~ Myths are powerful abstraction devices allowing easy transmission of culture. Digital media lies on a base of code which is often invisible but also mythical. In his book ‘Myth Today’, Roland Barthes describes how myths are constructed. In April a bug was discovered in Open SSL security which became the first ‘Bug 2.0’ bug and the most significant. It became mythical. In May, glamorous bearded lady drag act, Conchita Wurst won Eurovision amid Russian outrage. She carried a message of tolerance and acceptance by highlighting issues of sexual discrimination using a neatly trimmed beard to go along with her sequinned dress. Continue reading