Notes from talk by Aaron Straup Cope – dConstruct 5th Sept 2014

Hero objects for WTF moments.
Brick from Osama bin laden compound out into the museum in 911 tower basement – memorial

What does an 8 year old take away from this?

Maps are one if the oldest tools if power and influence we have
Talking about open street maps
People aren’t taking up this amazing opportunity to get involved in map making
But its patient and sits there waiting

Craft the pattern and shape if things through the mist / cool hunters
Confluence of opportunity
We are all influencers
Metrics around influence

Notions of success

People are now more and more able to make a living doing what they want
The problem is that they are not rock stars
We need to think about what that means
There is a lack of faith that audiences will ever go back and look at archives but think that everything needs to be seen ‘now’
Why is this important?

Recall is a power dynamic
Seeing into the past is not an opportunity open to all people
Erasing traumatic memories
It will be political instantly

It’s not always about the moment

Museum Copper Hewitt
What if you didn’t have to get your phone out
Making hardware to capture iD of an object onto you account so that you can recall it later in your device.

Asserting patience

Not hockey stick growth
The web allows ideas to grow over time
For people to warm up to an idea that they don’t understand at the time
Create a service that allows ideas to sit and wait over time
Create a photo sharing app that allows to look at photos one year after upload but not before

Make arguments with facts- keep records and make stories to reinterpret the past and present to see what’s happening
We are dealing with the social issue of fear if the NSA
Speaking up is not over-sharing

Aaron’s notes from the event
Listen back here

Still Life with Emotional Contagion – Aaron Straup Cope

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