The Line Up......

Today i experimented with Iphone Siri on my way to work. Why? because i feel the need to capture thoughts and ideas as they occur in the spaces between childcare, work and study. These are the times when i am most fruitful in my thinking, when my ideas and projects take form – and ironically where they are often left behind as I fear i suffer short term memory loss.

What are these spaces between? The walk to work is one. 15 minutes up and down Clifton hill. Experiments are encouraging!

Here is a direct transcription of some thoughts. They would need editing but for now i’ve left them. Actually some things are hysterical  and create really interesting mental images like machetes in the bath

I feel nervous talking loud in an empty room but perhaps this doesn’t matter people are always listening to you on the phone to talking to yourself or talking from your thoughts onto the machine shouldn’t be spraying to talk we live in a world now where people walk around talking on the phone they always engaged with other people using the small devices so why would anybody look mad or crazy why should I be embarrassed. I lives are so fast now we try to juggle so many things. And all the things that we want to do take time so the only times that we have to filling up in the morning in the evening and sometimes on the way to work one machetes will in the bath in those places. I want to optimise my time but not feel out of balance if it’s okay for me to do something like that and it’s okay. My family is my thoughts are away from where I am in that moment because I’m thinking about other things when you should be thinking about them perhaps you should be eating my dinner. The other times when I’m in the shower or washing my teeth these times from me. So does a lot of things

Thinking aloud – trying not to look mad

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