• create a single game document broken into all above sections in a single wordpress page and add an image to it
  • abstract variables and attributes with intention of creating a rules generator
  • use javascript to create a game generator which generates a new page with rules and adds the title of new game to a list of games with simple concatonated description
  • create a simple player and bean registry which finds next 4 digit number available and asigns a value to it. This bean ID is then associated with a player name and email.


  1. title of game
  2. parent game
  3. game description
  4. gameplay
  5. rules


  1. date
  2. venue/location
  3. players: values and exchanges
  4. results
  5. observations
  6. photos of gameplay
  7. video


  1. name
  2. email address
  3. beans held
  4. exchange history

potential outputs

  • a database of game documentation
  • a rule randomiser
  • values index
  • social media integration
  • beans registry
  • map of players, games, value-words, value-score
  • online version of game using canvas or processing
  • use guided user action to play game


Bean Game documentation design

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